US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice

Our US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice focuses on non-US citizens (including our large Canadian client-base) who spend part of their time each year in the US, but desire to avoid US income tax residence. It extends to individuals from other countries who have cross-border investments here (including seasonal residences or rental properties) and/or who may operate part of a multi-national business in or from California.

Our US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice also extends to tax planning for individuals who are able to live a “nomadic” lifestyle without a home base and to “mixed-residence” couples who wish to avoid US income tax for the nonresident spouse.

“Pre-Residence” tax planning is a significant part of our US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice for our international clients who expect to become US income tax residents as a result of longer planned stays here (e.g., for business transfers or other employment, in conjunction with making a visa-based investment or with marriage to a US citizen). It includes the special tax planning needs of “dual-residents” and “dual citizens.”

Our US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice includes all aspects of business start-up, operations and sale, including entity selection and structuring (or restructuring) of entities doing business in the US or with US customers. We counsel our business clients concerning capitalization options (including structuring financing to achieve an optimum mix of debt and equity for a US holding or operating company), planning for minimizing US tax on US operations, planning to avoid double taxation and planning for sale of the business, taking it public or other possible “exit” scenarios. We also assist with drafting intercompany and third-party agreements to make the business operational, employment contracts, contract manufacturing and distribution agreement, as well as joint venture and/or “buy-sell” agreements for investments involving multiple parties.

“Departure tax” planning is also an important part of our US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice for lawful permanent residents planning to relinquish their “green cards,” as well as for expats working in the US or operating businesses here who are planning their return home. We also offer similar “expatriation tax” planning for “dual” citizens considering abandonment of US citizenship (e.g., to avoid future US tax filings or tax on non-US income), as well as for US citizens wishing to expatriate and acquire citizenship overseas in a lower tax environment.

For all of our individual clients, we offer US estate tax, gift tax and other US transfer tax planning, in addition to cross-border income tax planning.

Our US and International Tax Practice also includes counseling our US resident clients concerning foreign bank accounts reports (“FBARs”) and other foreign asset and foreign information reporting obligations. We have experience assisting those whose filings have become delinquent and who need help coming back into compliance, with minimal or no penalties.

Finally, we put our decades of experience to work defending our clients in federal income tax audits and handling appeals of proposed US tax assessments.

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Whether you are a seasonal visitor, international “expat,” cross-border investor or multinational business owner, our US and International Cross-Border Tax Practice can help you to minimize your exposure to all manner of US taxes. We serve locations all over the world, including the desert communities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Cathedral City and Indio. We welcome further inquiries you may have concerning your specific situation. Feel free to call us at (760) 578-5093, contact us via email at or by using our online contact form. We will respond to all relevant inquiries without any obligation.

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